Product Showcase

CruiserBoard Company / "CruiserBoard"

Booth: Marina 503

Cruiser Board Company LLC
Neal Esterly
2726 Shelter Island Drive
San Diego, CA 92106
p: +1(619) 299-1700

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Press release:
An all new category of paddlecraft has recently been launched to the market by CruiserBoard Company LLC. The 11’6” paddlecraft is versatile, extremely comfortable and stable.It is excellent for fishing, recreational paddling and as a yacht toy. The CruiserBoard is a hybrid; a cross between a sit on top kayak and a standup paddleboard.Think of an extraordinarily stable paddleboard that was created to accommodate an ergonomically designed chair that is mounted onto tracks built into the deck. The paddler can sit comfortably in the adjustable chair or, fold up the seat bottom, stand up and lean against the chairs’ concave backrest. It paddles exceptionally well, whether you’re seated or standing and it is well suited for all age groups and skill levels. The CruiserBoard is an excellent fishing platform because a fisherman has the ability to easily sight cast. Other benefits for the fisherman include: rod holders that are built into the seat while coolers and a wide variety of accessories from Scotty Fishing Products mount on the CruiserBoards’ seven foot long deck track system. Constructed in the USA by Bounce Composites in Oceanside, CA, both the CruiserBoards’ design and construction are patented.The board is of high quality innovative construction and very durable.

Freedom Boat Club / “Boating Made Simple”

Booth: Land 208
Freedom Boat Club
2630 Ingraham Street
San Diego, CA 92109
p: +1(619) 981-2628

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SwitchSports USA / "Switch Multi and Wingman"

Booth: tbc
SwitchSports USA
contact: Walter Gaines
18650 Paintbrush Trail
Desert Hot Springs, CA 92241
p: +1 (619) 940-5721

Press release:
SwitchSportsUSA presents the ultimate convertible kayak/sailboat/dinghy - all in one! The Switch Kayaks can be rowed as individual sit-on-top kayaks. Or, connect them together to form the incredibly stable "Wingman" platform for motoring, snorkelling or rowing.  For sailing enthusiasts, add the sail and enjoy some catamaran sailing like never before. A boating craft for anyone in the family. The Switch/Wingman is launching at the 2014 show. It is unique in that no other craft can be converted into three completely distinct and useful modes: kayak, motor, sail. This product is imported from New Zealand.


Ultra-SoniTec / "CleanAHull ultrasonic advanced antifouling system"

Booth: Land 233

Ultra-SoniTec, LLC
contact: Jan Anderson
1140 Tate Blvd SE
Hickory, NC 28602
p: +1(828) 404-3104

press release:

Say Goodbye to a “Foul” Life!

Revolutionary antifouling technology is poised to change the way boaters deal with the greatest nemesis of mariners…biofouling (fouling). This cutting edge technology eliminates the money-robbing fouling of the hull, running gear, and raw water systems. In essence, ultrasonic antifouling turns the boat’s hull into an ultrasonic surface, creating micro bubbles that kill micro fouling organisms (algae, marine bacteria, and diatoms) on the hull. Eliminating micro fouling organisms, the beginning of the fouling food chain, eliminates growth of barnacles, tube worms, and other macro marine fouling growth, keeping the hull, running gear, and raw water inlets clear of fouling. The recent ban on antifouling paint additives that made them effective against marine growth has rendered the coatings largely ineffective.  Additionally, the restrictions have increased boat owners’ costs for maintenance and increased fuel consumption, thus reducing the boat’s range. Just one millimeter of slime on a boat’s hull will increase the coefficient of friction by 75%! Totally safe for the environment, it’s not only effective against fouling, it is cost effective and makes owning a boat much more affordable.

CleanAHull Ultrasonic Antifouling Systems will be showcased at the San Diego Boat Show 2014 for the first time. Buyer Show Incentive - $100 off per unit.